Under the influence


… I’m suspicious of some of y’all.

Man, Clay, who would even ask that like for real?


((AND THANK YOU, I missed these guys. if you’re on again tomorrow whenever I’m not, hit me up on skype and I’ll come back `u’))

((Will do <3))

Ever feel weird liking certain posts?

((ooc; MAN, I REALLY DIDN’T EXPECT ANY OF THAT TO TAKE OFF TONIGHT. But I have to be up at 4am for work tomorrow, assuming I magically get over the flu by then (crossing my fingers) so I have to hold off replies until tomorrow.

And thank you everyone. My mood was kinda meh because I’ve been ill but I always seem to forget that rping here brings it up.))

Don’t you “please” me, yer the one who’s actin’ like that, mister.

Yes, but you instigated it…

Okay. :) You wanna get something to eat?


I know this one place that has some killer burritos >:D And I sure could go for one of those about now

I got mpreg and slender asks you don’t have room to talk.

The only prize you’ll ever win